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"With two decades in philanthropy, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges non-profits face in raising funds and driving impact.

Our AI Philanthropy program is a game-changer, offering organizations the innovative tools and insights they need to transform their fundraising strategies, connect with donors on a deeper level, and ultimately create the lasting change they envision."

Terri Sleeper

AI Philanthropy Evangelist

"At AiS Bootcamp, our AI Philanthropy program is designed to empower non-profits and philanthropic organizations with the cutting-edge tools and insights they need to revolutionize their fundraising strategies, amplify their impact, and create lasting change in the world."
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Steve Sleeper

Business Development

"Stepping up the good deeds with Artificial Intelligence. Leveraging on the potential of Artificial Intelligence is our passion and it is our privilege to assist the philanthropic sector to make the impossible possible. Optimise work, enhance relationships and increase the positive effect you create, with the help of technology."

Michael Sleeper

Project Manager


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